Sculptor and designer Sefik Kabas embraces unique, spiritual, and extra ordinary art pieces in the TARU Jewelry Collection. He believes that jewelry is work of art, which can catch you in your heart and create a desire to wear it.

In Ancient Cultures, animals’ symbols influenced the way of life and art. The depictions of animals and their inclusion within ritual represented an attempt by these ancient people to interact with and to control the natural and supernatural world, to make sense of our human world. Throughout history, these animal images were part of the mythical and heroic stories, which were told from generations to generations, and some forgotten.

Taru Jewelry aims to preserve and celebrate these ancient traditions by interweaving symbolism and myth into each of its handcrafted pieces. Made with silver, 18 karat gold, and precious stones, these pieces honor the connection between the human and animal worlds and creatively celebrate the stories of our ancestors.